JobMaker Hiring Credit

Frances Sievers

December 10, 2020

JobMaker Hiring Credit – The Next Round of Government Stimulus – Are you Eligible?

If you have or will employ anyone between 7 October 2020 and
6 January 2021 please read the below important information and if relevant contact us immediately. 

Key Facts:

If you think the above key facts apply to your business, read on for the full details and contact us immediately to organise your registration.  The Tax Office only released the details of the program just before 5:00pm on 9/12/2020.  Bloom Accounting Services will be closed from 4:00pm 18th December and will re-open on 4th January 2021.  Time is of the essence if we are to meet the 6/01/2021 registration deadline for the first period

What is the Jobmaker Hiring Credit?


To Be eligible you must:

a) Check you are an eligible employer

b) Employ eligible additional employees

c) Register for the JobMaker Hiring Credit before your first claim

d) Satisfy the headcount increase condition

e) Satisfy the payroll increase condition

A. Eligible employers must:

B. Eligible Employees:

Ineligible Employees:

C. Register for JobMaker Hiring Credit

D. Satisfying the Headcount increase Condition

E.  Satisfy the payroll increase condition

JobMaker Hiring Credit amounts you will receive

Providing you pass all the eligibility criteria you may claim:

Pay rateAge of employee*
$200/week16 to 29 years inclusive
$100/week30 to 35 years inclusive
*Age of employee is based on the date they commenced employment with the employer


Jo is a director of Jo’s Flowers.  Jo had 3 part-time employees on 30 September 2020.  During the Christmas busy period Jo employed an additional casual employee (aged 20 years) for more than 20 hours per week on 14/12/20.  All original staff members maintained their same hours.  The additional casual employee was still employed on 6 January 2021.  All other eligibility requirements were passed.  Jo would receive approximately $685 in JobMaker for the first quarter (only eligible for 24 days) and if the casual employee remained employed for the whole of the next jobmaker period, Jo would be eligible for $2,571 (eligibility for whole 90 days).

JobMaker Periods

The Jobmaker periods (quarters) are different to calendar quarters and are as follows:

7 October 2020 – 6 January 2021
7 January 2021 – 6 April 2021
7 April 2021 – 6 July 2021
7 July 2021 – 6 October 2021
7 October 2021 – 6 January 2022
7 January 2022 – 6 April 2022
7 April 2022 – 6 July 2022
7 July 2022 – 6 October 2022

Remember you may not be eligible in one period but could become eligible in another period.  You must register before the last day of the period you are claiming.

Contact Us

As mentioned, time is of the essence and we don’t want you to miss out on any entitlements.  Please contact us immediately if you think you are eligible and would like a registration to be completed.

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