Is Augmented Reality The Future of Accounting?

Brett Walz

July 25, 2018

Have you ever fancied having a meeting with your accountant at the top of the Eiffel Tower or on the Great Wall of China? While this reality could be a long way off, the technology of augmented reality is a lot closer than we realise and it could have a big impact on accounting.

Augmented reality puts digital information or images into the user’s view of the real world. Think Pokemon Go which is an example of augmented reality.

Imagine your accountant putting on their virtual headset, logging into your accounting figures and with a swipe of their hand classifying transactions or walking through your financial statements. Your accountant could visualise graphs and look for patterns and trends in the figures.

It could mean that typing on a keyboard will not be required and instead instructions will given to the computer from voice commands from a headset.

It could allow multiple software programs to be open at once and instead of minimising and maximising programs on a monitor, we use a flick of the finger or nod of the head to view different software programs, or several programs at once.

It may be possible to have an augmented reality meeting where you could be virtually in the same room as your accountant, even if you live other side of the country. Think of something similar to the holograms in Star Trek.

Technology that increase productivity will always be valuable to people in business looking to save time. At Bloom Accounting Services we will continue to keep informed on the latest technology and ways it could benefit our clients.

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